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Controlled Impedance Planner - Offers Engineers and PCB Designers unprecedented simulation speed, ease of use and accuracy at an affordable price.

iCD PDN Planner

AC Impedance and Decoupling Planner - Analyze multiple power supplies to maintain low impedance over the entire frequency range dramatically improving product performance.

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Coplanar Waveguide Planner - Model microstrip Coplanar Waveguides to reduce radiation loss, of high-speed serial links, significantly improving product performance.

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The company develops intuitive PCB simulation software, is a PCB Design Service Bureau and specializes in board level simulation and analysis. iCD provides the following products and services:

  • Barry Olney, Managing Director of iCD, has published over 85 technical articles on high-speed digital PCB design. Here is the full list.

  • What customers say about our articles:
  • I did a video board with DDR2 memory a while ago on Altium. Thank you for your routing tips for DDR2, which I got off the internet. They helped a lot and the board now works like a dream. I will continue to follow your articles in the PCB magazine. It is people like yourself that make life so much easier for the rest of us. Thanks once again for your insightful articles in The PCB Design Magazine.

  • Steve Knobel, Senior CAD Designer, CID+, Advanced Technologies & Engineering
  • 'Just a quick note to let you know we really like this program you guys made. It's doing a great job for us.'

  • Michael Ingham - Spectrum Integrity Inc
  • 'The iCD Stackup Planner has proven very useful especially for highlighting the affects of builds and other amendments on the calculated impedance to the customers. It is both flexible and concise with only a very short learning curve required to use confidently.'

  • Pete Saunders - GSPK Circuits Ltd UK - Global supplier and manufacturer of printed circuit boards
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Why Choose iCD?

iCD has been designing high-speed multilayer PCBs since 1987. Our expertise lies in controlled impedance and power distribution network analysis. Barry Olney, Managing Director, has published over 85 technical papers on high-speed PCB design and can assist customers with their design needs. Barry has a regular monthly column "Beyond Design" in The PCB Design Magazine.

iCD has developed controlled impedance solutions since 1996. The iCD Design Integrity suite of tools has industry leading accuracy with 2D Field Solver technology, unprecedented simulation speed, ease of use and accuracy at an affordable price. The iCD tools were developed by PCB Designers specifically for PCB Designers - you don't need to be an Engineer to understand and use our tools - they are intuitive and easy to use.

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