iCD Power Distribution Network (PDN) Planner   

 The ICD Power Distribution Network Planner Analysis software is ideal for the analysis of the AC Effective Impedance of the Power Distribution Network. The power integrity of a system may be analyzed by the ICD Power Distribution Network Planner Analysis software to determine the effective impedance. Power Integrity is an important issue in computer based high speed PCB Design

"Analyze multiple power supplies to maintain low impedance over the entire frequency range dramatically improving product performance and reliability."

The iCD PDN Planner builds on the familiar ease of use of the popular iCD Stackup Planner software that has been used by over twelve thousand PCB Designers and Engineers world wide since 1996.

The iCD PDN Planner has the ability to analyse an unlimited number of power supply configurations simultaneously. A typical high speed multilayer PCB has five of six individual power supplies that all serve a different purpose and must be regulated to maintain power integrity during high current switching up to the maximum frequency.  

Watch a quick video - Introduction to the iCD PDN Planner (11 minutes)

With 2016 release, we have developed a new PDN EMI plot. The EMI plot represents the projected maximum radiated noise if a high-speed signal excites the plane resonance at a particular frequency. Plus the applicable EMC standard can be selected from the EMC Limit pull-down menu. In Europe and Australia, the applicable EMC standard is CISPR. The United States complies to the FCC and in Japan the VCCI standard applies.

iCD PDN Planner on-line videos:

iCD PDN Planner Introduction  (11 mins)

iCD PowerStack Training  (Includes both Stackup and PDN Planner training - 42:23 mins)

Nine Dot Connects iCD PowerStack Suite Demo  (45:23)

2016 Release update  (11:30 mins)

The user may add an unlimited number of bulk bypass and decoupling capacitors. Instantly analyse the Voltage Regulator Module, PCB Substrate - include plane resonance, bulk bypass and decoupling capacitors simultaneously to solve parameters for the desired effective impedance of the Power Distribution Network.

A comprehensive Capacitor Library with over 5,635 readily available SMD capacitors is included listing Value, ESR, ESL, Voltage, Tolerance, Dielectric Material and SMD Package Type ready for insertion into the iCD PDN Planner.

Altium Designer Stackup Planner interface supports Altium Designer S09. The Altium Designer Stackup Planner interface can be used to import the ICD Stackup Planner substrate directly into Altium Designer. Also the stackup can be modified in Altium Designer and exported back to the ICD Stackup Plan

List of Features in the 2013-6 Release of the iCD PDN Planner  

                AC Analysis of an unlimited number of power supply configurations simultaneously

        Definition of plane size or shape, dielectric constant and plane separation for each on-board power supply.

        Definition of each Voltage Regulator Mode including Voltage, I max, I transient, V ripple and the selection of switch mode  or linear power supplies

        PDN EMI Plot with FCC, CISPR and VCCI EMC limits

        Capacitance of die

        Via loop inductance and via Spreading

        Package and Fanout style Inductance

        Frequency range F min and F max settings up to 10 GHz

        F target setting - set fundament frequency

        Z Target automatically determined by the VRM settings

        Mouse-over Effective Impedance and Frequency readout on display

        Save/Save As Imperial (inch) or Metric (metre)

        Undo/Redo to enhance what-if analysis

        Change or Swap Row

        Setup -> Configuration dialog

        Units Metric and Imperial (also ability to save in both units)

        Export to CSV or View Data to further analyze

        Copy to Clipboard contains the Effective Impedance Analysis Graph

        On-line Design Rule Checker (DRC)

        Capacitor Library Editor Including a starter set of over 5,635 readily available components


Differential Impedance Calculator, Transmission Line Impedance Calculator, embedded Stripline, Microstrip, Impedance Calculator

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